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星期六2/21/2015春节联欢晚会由于天气原因改期. 新的时间另行通知.

大家新年好,身体健康, 恭喜发财. 刚刚接到通知, 由于天气原因Virginia Beach公立学校星期五仍然关门. 星期六2/21/2015春节联欢晚会无法如期举行. 新的时间另行通知. 组委会对给大家造成的不便表示道谦. Happy New Year! Just received the notice, due to the inclement weather Virginia Beach public schools remain closed on Friday. The 2015 Spring Festival can not be held as scheduled on Saturday 2/21/2015. We are going to post the new date as soon as possible. We apologize […]

2015 Spring Fest